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Your Link to the Past

Your Link to the Past

Mrs. Margaret (Ralph) Crary

Interview with Mrs. Margaret (Ralph) Crary

Place of Interview:  3213 Viking Drive, Sioux City, Iowa
Date of Interview:  October 18, 1979
Interviewer:  Leah Hartman
Edited by:  Fern Garber
Transcriber:  Teresa Crevier

SC56.1.Crary_Margaret.01L.H:  Mrs. Crary, would you tell me your full name and your background?                      

CRARY:  My full name is Margaret Coleman Crary.  My maiden name was Coleman.  I have spent all but the first four years of my life in Sioux City.    

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Rabbi Hyman Rabinowitz


Date of Interview:  July 29, 1980      

Interviewer:            Leah Hartman

Transcriber:            Sally Neighbors

Begin Tape 1, Side 1


LH:  This is an interview with Rabbi Hyman Rabinowitz, 1101 – 36th St., Sioux City, Iowa, July 29, 1980.  I am Leah Hartman.

Rabinowitz:  I was born in Lithuania in 1893, which makes it 87 1/2 years.  My father was a rabbi and he immigrated to America in 1900.  After 4 1/2 years, my mother, with five children, came to join father, in Altoona, Pennsylvania.  I lived there for 3 1/2 years, attending public school, graduating public school.  Then my father sent me to New York when I was fourteen to study for the rabbinate.  I studied for the rabbinate on and off from 1908 to 1925 and was graduated magna cum laude from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. 

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Holman Waitt and the Cattle Business

Interview with Holman Waitt

October 6, 1977
Sioux City, Iowa

Conducted by:
Leah Hartman
Siouxland Oral History Program
Sioux City Public Museum
Sioux City, Iowa

Interview with Holman E. Waitt
Date of Interview: October 6,1977
Interviewer: Leah Hartman
Transcriber: Marie Mayrose
Begin Tape 1, Side 1

LH: This is an interview with Mr. Holman Waitt, October 6, 1977 at the Waitt home, 1017 28th Street, Sioux City. I am Leah Hartman. 

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Bertha Kaled

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